About Us

A new generation fair concept with high attraction power will be built by conducting high-quality marketing activities at a level that meets the commercial expectations of fair and festival participants.

A long-term, sustainable collaboration is aimed at ensuring customer and employee satisfaction through a financial management model.

To provide maximum benefit to the country’s trade by representing our country at high levels in the global fair league with an innovative and competitive approach.


To contribute to the country’s commercial development by organizing fairs and providing fair infrastructure services each year, and to develop the economic growth and business relations of all parties.


To represent our country at the highest level in the national and international fair/event sector with an innovative and competitive approach.

To meet the commercial and cooperation expectations of fair and festival participants by using all areas of technology with our new generation fair concept.

To create a long-term, sustainable collaboration through a financial management model that will ensure customer and employee satisfaction.

Our Services

If you are a fair organizer or fair center, we act as a bridge between you and the fair ground, participants, and visitors from the stage of developing the strategy to the stage of completing the field operations.

We work on your behalf in the fair infrastructure supply and field operations stage, and optimize your time and service management processes.

As the INOVAEXPO team, we want to develop a relationship based on trust with the institutions and companies we work with for many years to come.